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Bring Space To School

Introducing Space Shaala

Space Labs for schools

Dedicated space science and technology labs for schools.Students discover space science and technology while building life skills such as creative thinking, problem solving and more.

Space curriculum for schools

Introduces students to the wonders of the universe with space science and technology as an extracurricular subject in schools, inspiring them to take on humanity’s greatest challenges.

Mentorship Program

Finding the right guidance can be hard. Presenting: one on one mentorship sessions for students with professionals from a wide variety of space disciplines.

Career Counselling

Personalized career counselling for students based on their interests and aspirations. Students get advice and concrete steps to launch into an exciting space career.

Online space courses

Access these fascinating courses anytime, from anywhere on planet Earth, learn about it and the immensity that lies beyond.

Spaceshaala is an ed-tech company dedicated to creating and providing high quality space education and services for students and institutions. SpaceShaala is committed to not only ignite curiosity but prepare the young generation for this space-age so they can help solve major challenges of our time with the help of Space Science and Technology.

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Space Labs

Learning by doing - the best way to learn

Spaceshaala’s space lab is a place equipped for hands on space based activities and experiments. The focus is on learning by doing hence enhancing the learning experience. Our curated out of this world activities include sky gazing, space treks, microsat launch, virtual reality shows, operating 3D printers, interacting with and building drones, telescopes, rockets and much more introduced at developmentally appropriate levels. We also bring in industry leaders and space professionals for lectures providing role models for students. Our vision is that in a few years these very students would go on to do things that have never been done before.

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Space Curriculum

Bring Space to your classrooms - prepare for the space age

The new space revolution is here. To ensure preparedness, there is a need to ramp up our education system to include space curriculum as a part of it. Spaceshaala intends to do just that. We offer long term extensive space education programs for grades starting from 1 to 12 . The result: a scientifically inclined next generation, who enables humanity to take the next step forward in space.

Short Term Programs

5-20 hrs Program

Year Long Program

10 month Program

Offline and Online

Specially Designed for both online and offline classes

Why Space Education

As humanity continues to grow outwards and foray upwards can our education curriculum remain the same?

Humanity has its eyes set on the stars. With ISRO’s announcement of new reforms in the space sector and three Mars missions launched in just a year, the space sector is growing leaps and bounds under a global spotlight. NASA has put moon back on its agenda with the Artemis program. The private space sector is advancing like never before led by businessmen like Elon Musk and Jeff bezos. The new-space revolution is here and we must inspire, educate, and prepare the next generation for it.
Space is inherently inspiring and cerebrally challenging which stimulates the minds of students – fostering imagination, creativity and innovation. It is a great medium to switch on young minds and encourage them to think about new possibilities that stretches their understanding beyond everyday life. The vastness of the Cosmos broadens their perspective, with extreme environment of space demanding excellence and creativity like no other field.

Our Other Programs

Mentorship Program

Find answers to all your questions

Spaceshaala’s mentorship program allows students to schedule one on one sessions with mentors from a wide variety of space disciplines. Students get a chance to have all their questions answered directly by industry experts, get constructive feedback, explore career paths in their field of interest and unlock their potential.

Career Counselling

What does it take to make it to space

Want to work in the space sector? Apart from being an astronaut or an astronomer, there plentiful opportunities for diverse skillsets in the space sector. Spaceshaala offers personalized career counselling to students based on their interests and goals. Whether you are interested in astronomy, law or medicine, whether it is deciding which subjects to focus on or choosing your college degree, get detailed advice and concrete steps to launch yourself into an exciting space career.

Backed by experience, driven by passion

Spaceshaala is formed with the key takeways of SSERD, an NGO committed to elevate
and foster space education and research around the globe, with an extensive experience
of teaching more than 50,000 students form over 52 countires.

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